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Good communication is essential to the success of any event. In our global society, multilingual events are becoming increasingly popular and language barriers could easily hinder the success of your international event. Whether you are organizing a business conference, a sporting event or a film festival, the assistance of a reliable translation service will be essential to ensure that communication is flawless and all the participants get their message across. Translation Services 24 provides experienced event translators and interpreters to assure the success of your multilingual event or conference.

Our Event organizing unit has the resources, training, and dedication to make your event a tremendous success. The event planning process is guided by what you want to achieve, which helps Larcenciel to develop a creative direction and structure that begin with the initial planning and culminate with the post event follow up. Whether it is a small employee appreciation dinner or a new product launch, our staffs can handle all your event planning needs.

Event Organization

Success for any event is in the details. Larcenciel knows that event organization is the key. From logistics planning to entertainment, concept design to contract negotiations, every detail is organized to complement your goals. Event organization makes the event flow smoothly for your guests as well as for you, creating a seemingly effortless event that will exceed expectations. When Larcenciel plans your next fundraiser, presentation or gala, our experience and resources will make for a successful event from start to finish.

Event Planning Timeline

The Event Company guides you through the event planning process and keeps you informed of everything involved in the event. With the aid of an event planning timeline, you can stay informed as each part of the planning phase unfolds. This way, you never have to worry about your event's success. When time is spent creating a detailed event planning timeline, the Event Company team and your organization can work together harmoniously, without fear of something important slipping through the cracks.

Event Themes

Thinking outside the box has become a bit cliché and yet it is immensely important in event planning. Planning event themes that coordinate all aspects of the event is an essential part of a successful and memorable occasion. From small details such as color and text font on the invitation, to large details such as table displays and decorations, event themes harmonize an event. Whatever event themes you may be considering, The Event Company has the creative touch and innovative style needed to make your event truly memorable.

Larcenciel offers multilingual solutions for any type of events such as: